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Our core value


Customer satisfaction is paramount to business success, so we strive to exceed customers’ expectations. We also know that quality is the key factor for customer satisfaction, so we have no compromise on either product quality or service quality.


Operating with integrity, being ethical, and treating others with respect is at the heart of SIGMA’s culture.We are accountable to our leaders, customers, staffs, stakeholders, and whole external circumstance.


We are results-oriented, so we demand to be aggressive and executive continuous improvement on finding more efficient way to achieve our goals.



Our team always sticks to working together to achieve common goals. Our team is solidarity and mutual assistance, in life and work to provide each other the most sincere help.



We thrive on creativity and ingenuity. We work hard to keep the ideas flowing and have brain storming sessions in cross-departmental teams. We admire crazy out of the box ideas and try to find ways to make them happen.



SHENGYAO Electronic makes an effort to satisfy all of your electronic component purchasing needs.We know quality is highly important to customer, so every order will receive a 360 days warranty to make sure you receive exactly what you ordered.