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What is LM2904 IC : Pin Configuration & Its Applications

SHENGYAO    What is LM2904 IC : Pin Configuration & Its Applications

The series amplifier like LM2904 IC mainly includes independent and high gain op-amps. These amplifiers have a specification like very less input offset voltage. These series amplifiers operate with a single power supply using a wide range of voltages but it can also operate from split power supplies. These ICs offer low power supply current and these are available in two packages like SO-8 & SO-14. In the SO-8 package, the dual devices are accessible whereas, in SO-14, the quad devices are accessible. This article discusses an overview of LM2904 IC.


What is LM2904 IC?

An amplifier that has high gain, two independent and frequency compensated inside is known as LM2904 IC. This IC operates through a single power supply with the help of a wide range of voltages. Alternative ICs of this amplifier are MCP602, LM358, NE5532, RC4558, OPA2134, OPA2228, and OPA2604.

LM2904 Amplifier
LM2904 Amplifier

LM2904 IC Pin Configuration

The pin diagram of the LM2904 IC is shown below. Each pin of this amplifier and its functionality are discussed below.

Pin Configuration
Pin Configuration
  • Pin 1 (OUTPUT A): This pin is the o/p of op-amp A
  • Pin 2 (INPUT A): This pin is the inverting i/p of op-amp A
  • Pin 3 (INPUT A+): This pin is the non-inverting i/p of op-amp A
  • Pin 4 (GND): This pin is the –Ve supply voltage pin or GND pin.
  • Pin 5 (INPUT B+): This pin is the non-inverting pin of op-amp B
  • Pin 6 (INPUT B-): This pin is the inverting pin of op-amp B
  • Pin 7 (OUTPUT B): This pin is the o/p of op-amp B
  • Pin 8 (VCC): This pin is the positive voltage supply.


The main features of LM2904 IC include the following.

  • Voltage supplies are a wide range
  • Input biasing current is low
  • Frequency compensation is internal
  • Both the i/p offset voltage & offset current are low
  • The range of differential i/p voltage is equivalent to the voltage power supply
  • The range of common-mode voltage input mainly includes ground
  • Outputs can be protected from short circuit
  • Compensated internally
  • The range of common-mode extends to –Ve supply
  • Supply operation is single & split
  • The available packages are lead-free


The main specifications of LM2904 IC include the following.

  • DC voltage gain is large like 100 dB
  • The range of voltage supply is 3volts to 26 volts
  • Power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) is 50 dB
  • It operates with 250uA current supply
  • Input offset voltage (Vos) is 7 mV
  • O/p current for each channel is 30 mA
  • Wide BW (bandwidth) is 1 MHz
  • Input bias current (Ib) is 250nA
  • Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) is 70 dB

Where to use?

The LM2904 IC is commonly used as a double package version of IC LM741. Both the ICs will share equal electrical characteristics. This IC does not include latch-up trouble and therefore it is perfect to use in the applications of voltage follower.

This IC also includes short circuit protection and internal frequency compensation. Thus it needs the least amount of components to use in different applications. Due to these characteristics, LM2904 ICs are frequently used in Guitar amplifiers as well as DVD players.

These ICs use extremely less current. So these ICs are the best choice who are looking for an IC with these characteristics.

LM2904 IC Circuit

The schematic diagram of the LM2904 IC is shown below. This circuit can be built with two separate and high gain op-amps. These amplifiers have frequency compensation inside. These ICs are mainly applicable to control systems in industries and automotive systems. This circuit works with a single power supply using an extensive range of voltages.

LM2904 IC Circuit Diagram

LM2904 IC Circuit Diagram

The applications of this IC mainly include where the implementation is easier within the systems which use a single power supply. For instance, these amplifier circuits can be supplied directly from the typical voltage used in logic systems like 5V.

These ICs provide the necessary electronic interfaces without using any extra power supply. In the mode of linear, the range of i/p common-mode voltage mainly contains ground terminal and the o/p voltage can also supply to the ground while operating with a single power supply.

Packages & Dimensions

The packages & dimensions of LM2904 IC include the following.

  • The different packages of this IC are SOIC (8), PDIP (8), and DSBGAs (8). These packages have different dimensions to differentiate them simply.
  • The dimension of the SOIC (8) package is 4.9 x 3.91mm
  • The dimension of the PDIP (8) package is 9.81 x 6.35mm
  • The dimension of DSBGAs (8).package is 1.31 x 1.31 mm


The applications of LM2904 IC include the following.

  • Comparators
  • Transducer Amplifiers
  • LED Driver
  • Conventional Operational Amplifier circuits
  • Fixed Current Source
  • Integrator
  • Power Amplifier
  • Differentiator
  • High Compliance Current Sink
  • Adder
  • Difference Amplifier Input Bias Current
  • Voltage follower
  • Canceling the Error Caused input bias current
  • Digital Multimeters
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Walkie-Talkie
  • Battery Management Solution
  • Summing Amplifiers
  • Multivibrators
  • Oscillators
  • DC Gain Block

Thus, this is all about an overview of the amplifier like the LM2904 IC and its pin configuration, features, specifications, packages, dimensions, and its applications. From the above LM2904 IC datasheet, finally, we can conclude that these ICs are used in embedded systems, precision power supplies, industrial control, active filters, DC gain blocks, general signal amplification, conditioning, transducer amplifiers, etc.

2024/05/10 15:29
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