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What is a SMD Capacitor : Types & Its Applications

SHENGYAO    What is a SMD Capacitor : Types & Its Applications

Sometimes, the term SMD referred to as SMT (surface mounted technology). So the capacitor like SMD can be designed with different technology. The SMD technology manufacturer’s capacitors easily so that bulk manufacturing can be done easily. This capacitor designing can be done including two leads so that placing of these components on PCBs is so easy. By using this technology different types of capacitors can be designed like tantalum and ceramic. The ease of designing will reduce the cost of the component. These are identified based on the codes on it. This technology uses modern designs due to some features like flexible connections and small size.


What is the SMD Capacitor?

Definition: At present, the most frequently used capacitors are SMD capacitors due to some features like leadless, small size and simple to arrange on a printed circuit board (PCB). These are perfect in high volume manufacture. The performance of these capacitors is very good, particularly at RF.

SMD Capacitors
SMD Capacitors

The two conductors of this capacitor can be separated with an insulator; this insulator plays an essential role while storing electric energy. The main function of any SMD capacitor is to charge as well as discharge electrical supply.

The designing of this capacitor can be done using metallic plates where these plates are separated by the dielectric material. This capacitor’s name mainly depends on the dielectric material used in this capacitor. Based on the type of color used in the capacitor, the capacitor border can be designed. If the color of an electrolytic capacitor is yellow, its border is designed with brown. Similarly, if the capacitor color is black, its border is designed with silver.

SMD Capacitor Types

SMD capacitors are classified into different types based on the dielectric material used like the following.

  • Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
  • Tantalum Capacitor
  • Electrolytic Capacitor

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor

In this type of capacitor, ceramic is used as a dielectric material. These capacitors are rated based on the electrical properties of ceramic. So the property of ceramic is multidimensional. The ceramic which is used in the capacitor will reduce the size of the capacitor as compared with other types. In ceramic capacitors, different ceramic dioxides are used such as barium strontium, barium titanate & titanium dioxide, etc.

Ceramic Capacitor
Ceramic Capacitor

The desired temperature coefficient can be attained through different ceramic dielectric products. Di insulation of this capacitor can be prepared through with the help of different layers in dielectric materials used among two conductors. Generally, its electrodes are covered with silver so that it gives a premium soldering property for this capacitor.

Tantalum Capacitor

Tantalum capacitors are used widely to give high levels of capacitance compared with ceramic capacitors. Based on the results of the design & requirements of these capacitors, there are some packages are used to design these capacitors. This capacitor has some values which can be identified by marking, respective standards & coding methods.


Electrolytic Capacitor

This capacitor is used in SMD designs due to the high level of capacitance and low cost. These capacitors are frequently marked with voltage and its value. In this type, there are two kinds of methods are used.
The first method is to include µF values whereas another method is to utilize code. In the first method, when the capacitor is marked with 33 and indicated with 6v then the value of the capacitor is 33 µF and the voltage used is 6V.


The codes of electrolytic capacitors with their voltages are listed below.

Capacitor Code



















SMD Capacitor Identification

SMD capacitor can be identified based on the color of ceramic body material.

  • The capacitors like NPO and COG ceramics are generally available in white color. They have less capacitance that ranges from 1pF to 10pF.
  • The capacitors like X7R and X5R ceramics are generally available in light brown. The capacitance ranges of these capacitors are from nF to µF.
  • The capacitors like Y5V and Z5U ceramics are generally available in black/dark brown. The capacitance range of these capacitors is extreme, however, they are extremely nonlinear & generate low capacitance at high voltage.
  • The capacitance of the capacitor has to measure cautiously at numerous voltages.

SMD Capacitor Sizes

The SMD capacitor sizes with measurements are listed below.

Size Size in MM

Size in Inches


0.6 x 0.3 0.02 x 0.01


1.5 x 0.8 0.06 x 0.03


3.0 x 1.5

0.12 x 0.06

1812 4.6 x 3.0

0.18 x 0.12

0402 1.0 x 0.5

0.03 x 0.01


2.0 x 1.3

0.08 x 0.05


The SMD capacitor advantages are

  • Small size
  • Its performance is high.
  • It has no leads
  • Less cost
  • Easy to arrange with the help of modern machines in the fabrication
  • Once the manufacturing speed increases, then there will be a possibility of cost reduction.


The SMD capacitor disadvantages are

  • The repairing of this capacitor is a little bit difficult due to its small size.
  • It has a low heat capacity.
  • Manual operation is difficult due to its size
  • It can damage easily if it is taken outside.

SMD Capacitor Uses

The applications of the SMD capacitor include the following.

  • These capacitors are used in different electronics equipment because of their less size and ability to be arranged onto a PCB.
  • Thus, SMD capacitors are applicable in almost all locations on mass-generated electronic equipment.


1). What is the SMD capacitor?

This capacitor is one kind of electronic component designed with an insulator that is placed between two conductors

2). Do SMT capacitors have polarity?

These capacitors are not polarized?

3). What is meant by SMT?

SMD means surface mount device

4). What is the function of the electrolytic capacitor?

This capacitor is used to smoothing the i/p & o/p of a filter.

5). What are the applications of the tantalum capacitor?

These capacitors are employed in S&H circuits. These circuits rely on low outflow current to attain a long hold period.

Thus, this is all about the SMD capacitor datasheet. These capacitors are available in two types like tantalum and ceramic capacitor. These capacitors give numerous advantages that help while designing high reliability and efficient devices. But, both the capacitors change drastically based on the materials used, performance and composition.

2024/04/08 10:43
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